June 16, 2021

Online Event

To innovate in the future, the journey starts here

Advanced materials are a key component of the 4th technological and industrial revolution, as they are the basis for the development of digital, bio and nano technologies. These materials represent major advances over conventional materials, in particular superior properties and performance. In particular, they allow supply chain efficiency, distributed and decentralized manufacturing, reduced needs for storage, customization and personalization of goods, increasing the resolution of the complexity of shape and functions, as well as exploiting multifunctional properties for multi-field applications. As a result, they address important societal ‘grand challenges’, such as mobility, healthcare, energy, and climate change. In this context, advanced materials are vital for the future comfort and prosperity, as they will enhance the competitiveness of all. In this respect, we expect that policy makers and industry stakeholders to engage in this effort to foster a “quantum” leap in the development of new technologies and added-value products, able to deploy the next generation of high performing, cost-effective and environmentally sustainable products and technical solutions in the areas of energy, health, transportation and information and communication technologies.

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