Nano in Bio 2024

April 14-20, 2024

Dear NANOinBIO attendees,

NANOinBIO international conferences are organized by an international committee of academics and researchers, and work on a not-for-profit basis. The goal of the meeting is to foster scientific exchanges, but also informal discussion and networking. To achieve this goal, the conference is spread over 5 consecutive days in quiet but beautiful location: “La Creole Beach Hotel & Spa” in the village of Le Gosier, Guadeloupe (French Caribbean). All participants encouraged to stay on-site for the full duration of the meeting, thereby also sharing meals and leisure time. In 2024, a spring school on the topic of Scanning Ion Conductance Microscopy (SICM) in bio-systems will run immediately before the conference at the same location. NANOinBIO is organized in conjunction with the local University (University of French West Indies, Pole Guadeloupe) and French government to encourage and support local research developments and early career scientists.

While we firmly believe in the need for scientists to spend time together and share ideas, we recognize the strain that the associated travel places on the environment. To mitigate this issue, NANOinBIO is on purpose longer than most meetings. We also aim for NANOinBIO 2024 to be carbon neutral, working with Region Biodiversity Agency of Guadeloupe. Participants are encouraged to register using the “carbon neutral” option. The surcharge will go entirely to the Region Biodiversity Agency towards sustainable developments in Guadeloupe.




Bio- and nano-materials for health & nanomedicine

  • Bio-inspired materials for health applications
  • Nanomechanics & mechanobiology
  • Tissue engineering & nanomedicine
  • Drug delivery & nanotoxicity
  • Coacervates & Self-assembly

Bio- and nano-electrochemistry & bio applications

  • Bioelectrochemical devices and arrays
  • Electrochemical biosensing & biomedical applications
  • Electrochemistry of cells and tissues
  • Nanoelectrochemistry of biomolecules & materials

The bio/non-bio interface

  • Nanomaterials & nanomanipulation
  • Organ-on-chip & Lab-on-chip
  • Functional material-biology interfaces
  • Surface & interface characterization

Instrumentation for bio- & nanotechnologies

  • Super-resolution & advanced methods for medical diagnostic
  • Single-cell/single-molecule & vibrational spectroscopies
  • Advanced fluorescence & optical microscopies
  • Advanced electron microscopies for bio applications