ICLSB 2021

June 28 - July 1, 2021

Lithium-sulfur batteries are the most promising choice for future energy storage systems. Recent prototype cells reveal the potential for ultra-high specific energy while applying low cost raw materials and scalable production technologies. Novel materials such as protected lithium anodes, nanostructured carbon/sulfur composite cathodes and various electrolyte concepts are crucial to significantly enhance and tailor the cell performance for specific applications.

The International Conference on Lithium-Sulfur Batteries (ICLSB) from June 28 till July 1, 2021 is providing the platform for renowned experts from science and industry to present the latest results, new materials, processes and applications in the field of lithium-sulfur batteries.

Following the great success of the first edition of this conference series 2019 in Beijing, China, the second International Conference on Lithium-Sulfur Batteries is being held in Dresden, Germany, organized by Fraunhofer IWS.

General topics:

  • Li-S technology in context of other next generation battery developments
  • Trends in material development for Li-S technology
  • Cell development and applications of Li-S technology

Call for abstracts:

You are highly welcome to present your latest research results with a lecture or a poster presentation. Please submit a brief summary of the planned contribution addressing one of the conference topics. The one-page abstract should be written in English, including title, author(s), affiliation(s) of author(s), abstract text and references. All contributions will be reviewed by the scientific committee. You will receive a notification whether your contribution has been accepted as an oral presentation or a poster. All accepted abstracts will be published in the conference proceedings


  • Abstract submission: February 28, 2021
  • Notification of acceptance: April 12, 2021

More information: