European Materials Forum - EMF

August 30, 2015

Presentation of the European Materials Forum (EMF)


The European Materials Forum (EMF) is an independent and informal organization representing both public and private societies, companies and agencies committed to the scientific and technological development of Materials Science in Europe. EMF provides a common forum to advocate independent scientific advice of materials science in European policy making and to stimulate the involvement of active players from both public and private sectors in the design and implementation materials science and technology policy in Europe.

EMF was initially launched in 2004 when a number of scientific societies and organizations decided to combine their efforts and shared interest in the debate about materials science in Europe and to stimulate the involvement of the scientific community in Europe not only as an active participant in the debate, but also to stimulate strong contacts between research and industry.


The agenda of EMF is set by the participating societies and organizations. The long-term agenda of EMF will promote scientific and technological development in Europe in the field of materials science and technology, notably by working towards the objectives defined by the Lisbon and Barcelona EU Summits. The activities of EMF include open fora, preparation of statements on European materials science policy issues, contacts with all the economic actors. EMF has already organised several meetings devoted to the funding of basic materials research in Europe and the future direction, structure and modernization of national and European materials societies in Europe. More than 80 Materials Societies have supported these conferences.


All European Academies (ALLEA), European Materials Research Society (E-MRS), European Science Foundation (ESF), European Physical Society (EPS), European Science and Technology Universities, European Science-Industry Consortium for Biomaterials and Health Care (EUROBIOMATEX), Euroscience, Federation of European Materials Societies (FEMS), European Federation of Scientific and Technical Networks of Cooperation (FER) and the French Aeronautics and Space Research Center (ONERA), have also published important documents on the EMF.

Mission statements:

The European Materials Forum is a coalition of independent organisations representative (or supportive) of communities in Europe dealing with Materials Science, Technology and Innovation.

It should cover chemistry as well as materials-related physics, engineering and biosciences.

The specific objectives of the European Materials Forum include:

  1. To represent European materials science and technology across the public and private sectors in order to stimulate synergy, provide coherence and improve coordination between national and European interests.
  2. To provide the authoritative and influential voice of the materials science and technology community in Europe leveraging its diversified but strong base.
  3. To stimulate and foster coordination of European materials research and science policy for the benefit of the European Union by accelerating progress towards a truly European research area.
  4. To be at the disposal of National and European authorities for the prosperity of the EU.
  5. To provide appropriate expert advice to assist in the structuring of the European materials science and technology landscape taking into account European enlargement.
  6. To provide materials science and technology roadmaps in key strategic areas in order to focus European efforts for global competitive advantage.
  7. To stimulate education and training initiatives (including e-learning) in materials science and technology in order to provide the future workforce for a knowledge-based Europe.
  8. To attract young people and to disseminate materials science to ensure its acceptance amongst the broader public.
  9. To stimulate the materials-based innovation process.
  10. To stimulate and support technology transfer and commercialization.
  11. To foster cooperation between research institutions and industry.
  12. To encourage partnerships both intra and inter-sectorially.
  13. To flagship European materials science and technology at the international level.