EMPS-10 - 10th Workshop on Electronics Materials & Processes for Space

May 15-16, 2019
The tenth Electronic Materials and Processes from Space (EMPS-10) workshop will be held in Paris this May, 2019. It is hosted by the Institut de Soudure and organised by the European Space Agency and the University of Portsmouth.
The Programme is now available; it is a not-for-profit event:
Registration is located at: http://emps.port.ac.uk/documents.html
The EMPS Workshops promote the development and awareness of materials and manufacturing processes utilised for Spacecraft Applications and enable industrialists, technicians and students to network together, and with members of the space community. Workshops are a University of Portsmouth initiative which started in 2010.
The registration fee of 160 Euros covers the meals, refreshments and social evening (all at cost price).