August 3-6, 2022

The main mission of the ICYRAM is to create international networks between young researchers, who will lead the next generation material research. Young researcher, who is <40 years old, and/or <15 years passed after receiving a PhD degree, will have unique opportunities to discuss, meet and create networks within the global materials community.

Call for Papers (11 Symposia):

Symposium A. Novel Functional Materials
Symposium B. Sustainable Materials, Processes and Applications
Symposium C. Advanced Materials for Energy and Environmental Science
Symposium D. Nano-Materials Science and Devices
Symposium E. Frontier Electronics, Spintronics, Phononics
Symposium F. Advanced Photonic Materials and Devices
Symposium G. AI/Data Driven Materials Science and Technology
Symposium H. Soft Matter and Biomaterial Interface
Symposium I. Design and Applications in Molecular Technology
Symposium J. Advances in Biomedical Science and Engineering
Symposium K. Functional Materials Research for Social Implementation

Welcome your Abstract submission AND Participation!!

Please apply:

  • ICYRAM2022 Young Researcher Awards
  • ICYRAM2022 Student Presentation Awards

Conference chairs:

  • Kazuki Nagashima, Chair, The University of Tokyo
  • Kunihiro Kamataki, Vice Chair, Kyushu University

ICYRAM2022 Office: