Symposium on Laser Applications in Industrial Manufacturing

May 4, 2020

Call for Abstracts

The Israeli Forum of Laser Processing of Materials- IFLMP-

One day symposium on “Laser Applications in Industrial Manufacturing”

Monday, May 4th, 2020 / Engineer Building, Dizengoff 200, Tel-Aviv, Israel

Laser applications in industrial manufacturing have been highly developed during the last decade. Lasers are currently used at wide range of industrial processes, from basic processes such as cutting and drilling, to more complicated processes of materials coating and 3D printing. New lasers are continuously developed, targeting challenges of new material compositions and smaller dimensions of products, with the aim to gain better control of reliability and reproducibility of the industrial process.

The aim of the symposium day is to have the opportunity for the participants from research and industrial organizations, who are involved in development and production of lasers and processes, to exchange information and knowledge of the current achievements and future challenges concerning new lasers and laser industrial processes.

The main topics of the symposium are:

  • Laser cutting of thick and thin products
  • Laser welding of similar and dissimilar materials
  • Macro and micro processes
  • Laser Coating and printing of materials
  • Laser industrial manufacturing of metallic, ceramic and polymeric products
  • Laser surface treatment- polishing , texturing and change of microstructure
  • Short pulsed laser processes

Engineers and scientists from the industry and research institutes are highly encouraged to participate and to submit abstracts for lectures.

Due date for abstract submission is February 15, 2020.

The abstracts should be directed to Dr. Shosh Tamir, e-mail: and Vered Hadar Peretz Adv. e-mail:

Looking forward for meeting with you in this symposium.