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Quantum semiconductors symposium

Quantum technologies are experiencing a rapid growth both in terms of fundamental research and practical applications. Among all existing physical platforms the semiconductor-based qubits – either in the form of optically-controlled deep defects, quantum dots, or electrically-controlled donor atoms – are excellent systems allowing quantum manipulations and attracting growing attention of the material research community.


There is a clear modern trend towards the development of quantum information systems and technologies, to lay the foundations for the next technological revolution. At present, the research on qubits is massive and still rapidly increasing, however, to identify the most appropriate qubit design – e.g. as the basic building block of a quantum computer – to a large extent remains a nontrivial and unresolved starting point. The semiconductor-based qubits – in form of defects, quantum dots, and donor atoms – are all great candidates for further investigations. The great promise is that the device concepts and fabrication procedures for semiconductor-based qubits are similar to those used in the semiconductor industry. Nevertheless, even though the methods are similar, they are not the same; e.g. instead of ion implantation one envisage to use deterministic implants, instead of “normal” epitaxy one develops such specialized modes as droplet epitaxy, etc. As a result, the field is booming, featured by a race to discover and characterize new qubit systems in semiconductors; as well as other components needed to utilize the qubits systems, e.g. read in/out interfaces.

To the best of our knowledge, by far, the aspects belonging to the quantum semiconductor materials were predominantly covered as a niche at bigger generic quantum technology forums or diverged between several specialized conferences; e.g. on defects in semiconductors, semiconductor quantum dots, semiconductors optics, quantum photonics, etc. We think, by now, the field of quantum semiconductor materials has consolidated and the level of its maturity is sufficient to launch a regular topical conference in this field.

Hot topics to be covered by the symposium:

Quantum Semiconductor Materials Symposium will cover all aspects of corresponding material research as well as emerging device components. Notably, the field is very hot as a whole and we envisage the following topics will be covered by symposium (NB, not exhaustive list):

  • Fabrication (deterministic implants, droplet epitaxy, 2D materials, etc)
  • Theory (atomistic simulations, many-body theory, etc)
  • Color centers (diamond, h-BN, SiC, Si, etc)
  • Quantum dots (III-V, IV-IV, etc)
  • Dopants (phosphorous in Si, etc)
  • Components (read in/out interfaces, etc).

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Symposium organizers
Andrej KUZNETSOVUniversity of Oslo

Sem Saelands vei 24, 0316, Norway


Avenue Escadrille Normandie Niemen, F-13397 Marseille Cedex 20, France

+33 (0)6 87 28 23 48
Massimo GURIOLIUniversity of Florence

Via Sansone 1, 50019 Sesto Fiorentino, Italy