Board of Delegates

The Board of Delegates is composed by the European past symposium organizers from the last 3 years who have expressed their intention to participate. It meets at least once a year (usually during the Spring Meeting). The mandate is three years. The responsibilities of the Board are:

  • propose topics for symposia to the E-MRS conferences, tutorials or workshops;
  • suggest nominations for prizes & awards to the Executive Committee;
  • elect members to the Executive Committee in accordance with the committee's request;
  • make proposals for amendment/modification of the current legal statutes for consideration and decision by the Executive Committee.


First Name Email address                                                                                                                 
ALASTALO Ari Ari.Alastalo[at]
BONINELLI Simona simona.boninelli[at]
BONSE Joern joern.bonse[at]
BRUNNER Roland Roland.Brunner[at]
CASTRO Fernando fernando.castro[at]
CEKADA Miha miha.cekada[at]
COMINI Elisabetta elisabetta.comini[at]
DECUZZI Paolo Paolo.Decuzzi[at]
DELEPORTE Emmanuelle emmanuelle.deleporte[at]
EYBEN Pierre Pierre.Eyben[at]
FENWICK Oliver o.fenwick[at]
GAMBACORTI Narciso narciso.gambacorti[at]
HARDY An an.hardy[at]
HILLER                      Daniel                       daniel.hiller[at]
IANNOTTA Salvatore direttore-imem[at]
IMPELLIZZERI Giuliana giuliana.impellizzeri[at]
JACKMAN Richard r.jackman[at]
JEDRECY Nathalie Nathalie.Jedrecy[at]
KAMINSKA Agata kaminska[at]
KISSINGER Gudrun gkissinger[at]
KNEZ Mato m.knez[at]
KRAUS Tobias Tobias.Kraus[at]
KRUKOWSKI Stanislaw stach[at]
MARTIN GONZALEZ Marisol marisol[at]
MARTINEZ Elena emartinez[at]
MIRITELLO Maria maria.miritello[at]
MISKA Patrice patrice.miska[at]
MODREANU Mircea mircea.modreanu[at]
NAPOLITANI Enrico enrico.napolitani[at]
NISTOR Magdalena mnistor[at]
OSTERLUND Lars lars.osterlund[at]
PASZKOWICZ Wojciech paszk[at]
PEZZOLI Fabio fabio.pezzoli[at]
POINSSOT Christophe christophe.poinssot[at]
MATHUR Sanjay sanjay.mathur[at]
MERCKLING Clément Clement.Merckling[at]
MILASIUS Rimvydas rimvydas.milasius[at]
MISHRA Yogendra ykm[at]
PENZA Michele michele.penza[at]
ROSSI Carole rossi[at]
SOBOLEV Nikolai sobolev[at]
STINGELIN-STUTZMANN Natalie n.stingelin-stutzmann[at]
STRATAKIS Emanuel stratak[at]
SZILAGYI Petra P.A.Szilagyi[at]
TAUBERT Andreas ataubert[at]
ZEUGOLIS Dimitrios dimitrios.zeugolis[at]