Board of Delegates

The Board of Delegates is composed by the European past symposium organizers from the last 3 years who have expressed their intention to participate. It meets at least once a year (usually during the Spring Meeting). The mandate is three years. The responsibilities of the Board are:

  • propose topics for symposia to the E-MRS conferences, tutorials or workshops;
  • suggest nominations for prizes & awards to the Executive Committee;
  • elect members to the Executive Committee in accordance with the committee's request;
  • make proposals for amendment/modification of the current legal statutes for consideration and decision by the Executive Committee.


Year NAME                                             
First Name Email address                                                                                                                 
19 CAMMARATA Antonio cammaant[at]
19 COLL Mariona mcoll[at]
19 DAGENS Beatrice beatrice.dagens[at]
19 D'URSO Claudia claudia.durso[at] 
19 GRECO Giuseppe Giuseppe.Greco[at]
19 GROJO David david.grojo[at]
19 JAMET Matthieu matthieu.jamet[at]
19 LASKARAKIS Argiris alask[at]
19 MISHRA Yogendra K. mishra[at]
19 MUNOZ-ROJAS David david.munoz-rojas[at]
19 PEREGO Michele micpeg1973[at]
19 RABU Pierre Pierre.Rabu[at]
19 REBOLLAR Esther e.rebollar[at]
19 SAINI Naurang naurang.saini[at]
19 TARANCON Albert atarancon[at]
19 TEN ELSHOF Andre j.e.tenelshof[at]
19 ZAJICKOVA Lenka lenkaz[at]
20 AHUJA Rajeev rajeev.ahuja[at]
20 CHAPUIS P-Olivier pierre-olivier.chapuis[at] 
20 CHEN Zhuoying zhuoying.chen[at]
20 COMINI Elisabetta elisabetta.comini[at]
20 KARAZHANOV Smagul Smagul.Karazhanov[at]
20 KATAN Claudine claudine.katan[at]
20 LUNCA POPA Petra petru.luncapopa[at]
20 MUELLER Bert bert.mueller[at]
20 SARAKINOS Kostas kostas.sarakinos[at]
20 TERMENTZIDIS Konstantinos konstantinos.termentzidis[at]
20 WENCKA Magdalena mwencka[at]
20 WENGER Christian wenger[at]
20 WILLIAMS Oliver WilliamsO[at]
20 YANG Nianjun nianjun.yang[at]