Working Groups

A working group (WG) is a group of experts working together to achieve specified goals. The groups are domain-specific and focus on discussion or activity around a specific subject area.

The objective of a WG is to promote a specific scientific topic and/or strategic aspect considered to be relevant for E‐MRS. It must operate solely for the benefit of the Society. The benefits and effectiveness of the WG will be subject to regular assessment by the Executive Committee, which may make recommendations for an extension of its scope, the maintenance of its terms of reference or the termination of the WG.

Download the Working Group (WG) rules

Last update: March 2021.
The current WGs are:
  • WG Conference Quality
    Leader: Frank Tessier
    Members: T. Kenyon, B. Fraboni, J. Perrière
  • WG Cultural Heritage
    Leader: Giuseppina Padeletti
    Members: J. Amouroux, A. Bouquillon, J.P. Veiga
  • WG Education
    Leader: Jörg Lindner
    Members: V. Craciun, P. Wellmann, I. Boyd (if necessary), C. Degueldre (if necessary)
  • WG Energy
    Leader: Jacques Amouroux
    Members: C. Degueldre, J.R. Morante, J. Martinez-Duart
  • WG European Affairs
    Leader: Rodrigo Martins
    Member: G. Crean
  • WG Foresight
    Leader: G.G. Bentini
    Member: B. Fraboni
  • WG Industry
    Members: D. Allsopp, C. Focsa, H. Grimmeiss
  • WG International/Bilateral
    Leader: Ian Boyd
    Member: G. Crean
  • WG Microsystems (MEMS)
    Leader: Daniel Barbier
    Members: M. Stratakis