Granted project: 
Stimulating the public attitude towards advanced materials -Stimulate

Coordinator: National Technical University of Athens

Stimulate runs from July 1, 2013 to December 31, 2015

Type of funding scheme: Support actions

Work programme topic addressed: NMP.2013.2.3-1

More than seventy percent of all technical innovations today depend directly or indirectly on the development of advanced materials. Advanced materials have been identified as one of the 6 Key Enabling Technologies, of systemic relevance that feed many different cooperating business sectors. Exactly because of the complicated nature of their role as technology enablers, advanced materials many times miss the general public's attention. People tend to underestimate the importance of advanced materials, since they are mostly focused on the final consuming products, instead of appreciating the underlying materials technologies.

In order to uncover this hidden role, we propose a cross-platform media approach, integrating onto a web portal, online educational resources, a web-based serious game and a character-led documentary film that will be translated in all the official EU languages.

To achieve this task we involve a multidisciplinary team of experts (in advanced materials, documentary filming, game based education, e-learning, scientific journalism etc.) that are combining their expertise in order to create a coherent set of media products.

The educational, "Serious Game", will be targeted towards teenagers (between 14 and 17 years old) while the character-led documentary will be targeted towards the general public and especially the younger people. Overlapping scientific content and cross-references between the two will link them and promote their distribution.

We plan to introduce people to a world of invention and innovation. We aim to give our audience a clear vision for a sustainable future, based on Knowledge, Development and Innovation, with advanced materials at its core. We will present all the sides of the materials community to the general public, including research, development and manufacturing, highlighting the role of materials innovation in the struggle of the European societies to face the current economic and environmental challenges.

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European Project FP7-NMP-2013.2.3-1

Project Nr 608995





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