Project reference: 685931

Funded under: H2020-EU.2.1.2.  , H2020-EU.

Nanotechnology Mutual Learning Action Plan for Transparent and Responsible Understanding of Science and Technology

From: 01/09/2015 to 01/03/2019



Innovative solutions to society’s challenges need to be developed with the involvement of all stakeholders through a dynamic, iterative, mutually responsible process. To achieve this, greater understanding of required stakeholder interactions as well as their needs and concerns is required. Societal engagement in nanotechnology has been tackled previously. However, prior learning needs to be brought together and built on by addressing shortcomings identified, particularly putting in place a sustainable means for this to continue.

NANO2ALL will establish a European-wide sustainable platform for mutual learning and informed dialogue among all stakeholders (researchers including social sciences and humanities, industry/ business, the public including Civil Society Organisations and the media, as well as policy-makers and research funders) to improve transparency and societal engagement in responsible nanotechnology.

Engaged through European-wide initiatives, as well as via an online platform making full use of current communication technologies, stakeholders will exchange best practice (e.g. from ObservatoryNano, NanoOpinion, NanoEIS and Nanodiode, among others). They will also develop their understanding of responsible research and innovation (RRI) and its tools (e.g. based on EthicSchool and RRI Tools).

Based on this, through national and EU level dialogue, stakeholders will develop an action plan (MLAP) with a shared vision on existing and potential future benefits and risks of advancing nanotechnology including ways to support RRI along the value chain. Systemic engagement of policy-makers and relevant communities will facilitate “buy-in” through co-development of roadmaps to drive future Joint Stakeholder Undertakings, such as the Nanofutures ETP. This will result in a permanent platform for future development of trust, awareness and inclusion, providing guidance on societal needs and concerns, and fuelling co-innovation that benefits society as a whole.

More information:

NANO2ALL published a one-question survey regarding the societal engagement practices under the frame of RRI across Europe and beyond. You can find the survey on this link