Granted Project:
CO2 - Loop for Energy storage and conversion to Organic chemistry Processes through advanced catalytic Systems - CEOPS

Coordinator: CEA, France

CEOPS runs from February 1, 2013 to January 31, 2016

Type of funding scheme: Small or medium-sized collaborative projects.

Work programme topic addressed: NMP.2012.2.1-2 Fine chemicals from CO2

CEOPS project will focus on a sustainable approach for the production of methanol from CO2, which is a precursor for fine chemicals products. The approach will reinforce the link between large CO2 emitters and fine chemical industries at the European level. The concept relies on two chemical pathways, CO2 to CH4 and CH4 to CH3OH with the intermediate carbon vector: methane. Methane benefits from the extended and existing natural gas network infrastructure. Its distribution will prevent additional CO2 emissions (rail & road transportation). This approach will favor the emergence of small and flexible production units of fine chemicals from methanol.

The technological work is based on advanced catalysts and electro-catalytic processes. CEOPS will develop advanced catalysts for application in three promising electro-catalytic processes (Dielectric barrier discharge plasma catalysis, Photo-activated catalysis and Electro-catalytic reduction) to increase their efficiency overtime for both pathways. The performances of the studied catalyst and process schemes will be benchmarked and the most efficient one, for each pathway, will be selected for a prototype. This prototype will be realized at a scale of 3m3.h-1 of methane, it will validate the concept and generate the required data for the techno-economic assessment.

The consortium merges the skills of 2 research organizations, 3 universities, 1 SME, 1 non profit organization, 2 industries and 1 cluster. The project is led by CEA-LITEN. Italcementi, GSER and CCB will bring respectively their expertise in CO2 emissions, CH4 injection and transportation and on methanol use for the fine chemical industry. They also contribute to the techno-economic and environmental assessments. IST, IREC, OMNIDEA will develop advanced catalysts. UPMC, CEA, IREC, NOVA will develop electro-catalytic processes. CEA assisted by the consortium will implement the prototype. EMSR and CCB will ensure the dissemination of the CEOPS concept and results.

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European Project FP7-NMP-2012.2.1-2

Project Nr 309984




List of events:


  • Summer school "Carbon dioxide: the raw materialof the industrial revolution of the 21st century in the frame of the Materials Weekend
    Saturday, 19 September 2015 - Warsaw (Poland)
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  • Symposium "Materials for CO2 capture and storage" in the frame of the E-MRS Fall Meeting 2015
    Tuesday & Friday, 17-18 September 2015 - Warsaw (Poland)
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  • Workshop "Carbon dioxide recovery and circular economy of carbon" in the frame of the E-MRS Spring Meeting 2015
    Monday & Tuesday, 11-12 May 2015 - Lille (France)
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  • Summer School "Carbon dioxide recovery" in the frame of the E-MRS Spring Meeting 2015
    Sunday, 10 May 2015 - Lille (France)
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  • Workshop "R&D on CO2 utilization in Europe" in the frame of the E-MRS Spring Meeting 2014
    Thursday, 26 May 2014 - Lille (France)
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