E-MRS endorsement

E-MRS welcomes the opportunity to cooperate with other societies or organizations working in the field of advanced materials. Endorsement of a meeting will be considered if the topic is of high interest to the European materials community.

Endorsement is an official recommendation to E-MRS members, but without active involvement in the programming, financial or logistical aspects.

To have an event considered for endorsement, please contact directly E-MRS Headquarters by email (emrs@european-mrs.com).

Typically, the ad-hoc committee will give its decision within two days. In case of approval, the following terms for endorsement will be proposed:

  1. The announcement of your conference will be promoted among our 4.000 E-MRS members (please send us a brief description of your event).
  2. The conference will be listed on E-MRS website (www.european-mrs.com).
  3. E-MRS logo will be displayed on your promotional materials (website, leaflets, ...)
  4. The conference organizers will send to E-MRS Headquarters the list of participants, including both postal and e-mail addresses.

Best wishes for a successful conference.