Czochralski Award

Professor Jan Czochralski is one of the most famous Polish scientists; one of his most important discoveries was the technology for growing single crystals, now known as the Czochraski Method. It was discovered in 1916 when he found that after dipping a pen into a small crucible of molten aluminium and withdrawing it, a thread of aluminium hangs from the nib. Careful investigations had shown that this was a single crystal and so the Czochralski Method for single crystal growth was born. The method is used for example for the growth of the single crystals of Germanium and Silicon which are the basis of a vast range of modern electronic equipment and devices.

Taking into account the merits of Czochralski for materials science, technology transfer to industry, and international collaboration, E-MRS established an award in the name of Jan Czochralski.

To date the following recipients have been honoured:
- 2004 - Prof. Walter HEYWANG, formerly Director of Research of Siemens.
- 2005 - Prof. Boris PATON, the long term President of the Ukraine National Academy of Science.
- 2006 - Prof. Thaddeus B. MASSALSKI from Carnegie Mellon University.
- 2007 - Prof. Shuji NAKAMURA from University of California.
- 2008 - Prof. Kurt Heinz Juergen BUSCHOW from University of Amsterdam.
- 2009 - Prof. Hermann GRIMMEISS from University of Lund.
- 2010 - Prof. Mildred DRESSELHAUS from MIT, USA.
- 2011 - Prof. Federico CAPASSO from Harvard University, USA.
- 2012 - Prof. Anthony M. GLAZER from Clarendon Laboratory, U.K.
- 2013 - Prof. Sylwester POROWSKI, IHPP, PAS, Poland.
- 2014 - Prof. George M. WHITESIDES, Harvard University, USA.
- 2015 - Prof. Claes-Göran GRANQVIST, The Angström Laboratory, Uppsala, Sweden.
- 2016 - Prof. Manijeh RAZEGHI, Northwestern University, USA.
- 2017 - Prof. Elvira FORTUNATO, CENIMAT - Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Portugal.
- 2018 - Prof. Herbert GLEITER - Research Centre Karlsruhe (INT), Germany.
- 2019 - Prof. Donal D.C. BRADLEY - University of Oxford, U.K.
- 2020 - Prof. Alexandra NAVROTSKY - Arizona State University, USA.
- 2021 - Prize not awarded.
- 2022 - Prof. Joseph E. GREENE, University of Illinois, USA.
- 2023 - Prof. Yury GOGOTSI, Drexel University, USA.