CrystalMaker Software


CrystalMaker Software Ltd develops world-leading software for materials modelling and diffraction simulations, running natively on the latest 64-bit Mac and Windows operating systems.


Our flagship CrystalMaker X application blows away dusty crystallography with an elegant, interactive interface and spectacular "out-of-the-screen" 3D graphics. Advanced crystal-engineering tools and multi-structure animation lets you transform complex structures into simpler representations for greater understanding, enhanced discovery and effective communication.


CrystalMaker empowers your workflow with state-of-the-art system integration - including multi-touch control, 3D gesture recognition, haptic feedback and support for high-DPI "Retina" displays. An integrated library of over 1200 structures - presented in a searchable album interface - makes this ideal for teaching, as well as research.


CrystalMaker works seamlessly with SingleCrystal and CrystalDiffract, for rapid TEM, X-ray, Laue, neutron and powder diffraction  simulations. A live intensity link connecting all three programs lets you edit crystal structures and observe how their diffraction properties change - in real time - from the comfort of your desktop.