HAMAMATSU Photonics, world leading manufacturer of optoelectronic components & systems for the generation and measurement of IR, visible and UV light.

We offer various compact systems for the study of photo-luminescent materials :

  • Quantauraus QY: compact system fully dedicated to measuring absolute quantum ratios of luminescent materials, whether thin films, powders or solutions.
  • Quantauraus Tau: allows to quickly and easily measure short lifetimes of fluorescent materials with a low level detection, with its PMTs used in photon counting mode, whether thin films, powders or solutions.
  • NIR Compact PL Lifetime: allows to quickly measure the PL spectrum and PL lifetime of thin film compound semiconductor photovoltaics materials, such as CIGZ/CZTS, closely related to conversion efficiency.
  • Universal Streak Camera with 1 ps temporal resolution, sensitive at a wide range of wavelengths (from UV to NIR) depending on the streak tube's photocathode selection.