The Pioneer of 3D Digital Microscopes

Hirox is more than just a Digital Microscope company, we make the impossible possible. Our Digital Microscope system is a combined tool that is able to do Observation, Measurement, Recording, and see things “as they are.”

Since we started our business almost 30 years ago as inventor of the first digital microscope and pioneer in digital microscopy, our main purpose hasn’t changed: make it possible to observe anything that our users are looking for.

From grayscale to color images, we keep building the best environment and equipment for our users.

For more information about Hirox:

Website: www.hirox-europe.com

Video presentation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kxk6MIbi8hE


E-mail: info@hirox-europe.com

Tel. : 0033-426250340