IMRA Europe


Since 1986, implemented in Sophia Antipolis, South-East of France, as one of the prominent research institutes of AISIN Group, leading Japanese Car Part Industry group, we, IMRA EUROPE create breakthrough technologies to turn innovative ideas into solutions to challenging technical and societal issues. We collaborate across disciplines, through broad alliances, to address some of the world’s biggest challenges in the field of the advanced materials. We commit ourselves to bringing valuable technologies into collaborative projects.

We are exhibiting our latest achievements in the field of photovoltaic and thermoelectric activities i.e. spray deposited CZTS or TiS2/amines printed thin films. With enthusiasm we devote ourselves to drive future innovations applying advanced materials in our laboratories.

Our laboratories can provide high material fabrication techniques such as wet chemistry or solid-state methods. They are equipped with several types of ovens, quartz ampule technique and glove boxes; tools and devices for film fabrication or bulk shaping including tape casting, spin coating, spray deposition, ball milling, high power ultrasounds, spark plasma sintering, chemical bath deposition, electrodeposition, pulsed laser deposition, physical vapor deposition, sputtering, or e-beam; instruments for characterization, SEM, TEM, EDX, XRD, XRF, Raman, TGA, electrochemical, photovoltaic or thermoelectric-related techniques. We are willing to share our labs.