KEMSTREAM manufactures advanced DLI (Direct Liquid Injection) vaporizers for CVD, MOCVD, ALD and all gas phase processes and precursors. KEMSTREAM Vapbox DLI vaporizers are able to handle and vaporize all solid and liquid organic, inorganic and organometallic precursors including low vapour pressure, thermally labile and viscous ones. They can also handle nanoparticles suspensions. KEMSTREAM vaporizers work from vacuum to atmospheric pressure and deliver accurate, repeatable and stable vapours flows. KEMSTREAM also manufactures liquid panels especially designed for feeding DLI vaporizers with air sensitive precursors or nanoparticles suspensions and complete turnkey Vapcab gas/vapour cabinets equipped with DLI vaporizers. KEMSTREAM offers stand-alone injection heads/atomizers for Spray Pyrolysis process.

KEMSTREAM provides worldwide sales and service.




139 rue des Walkyries


34000 Montpellier




Phone: +33 467 200 410