Kurt J. Lesker is a leading global provider of high-quality vacuum hardware, deposition systems and custom chambers, with the goal of enabling the innovation, creation and advancement of a vast array of vacuum technology. The breadth of markets we serve include LEDs, Optics, UHV/Synchrotrons, Electronics, Wear & Decorative Coatings and R&D.

We are committed to helping our customers compete and succeed on the leading edge of technology. From custom vacuum chambers produced at our European based manufacturing facility to market leading thin film deposition systems built in-house, accompanied by fast and reliable technical service and support, Kurt J. Lesker has positioned itself successfully as a global leader and expert in ‘all things vacuum’.

Our authorised partnerships with other leaders in the vacuum industry such as VAT, Solvay, Brooks UHV Design and MKS confirm our promise to providing our customers with only the highest quality products and service, allowing us to stay true to our mission of Enabling Technology for a Better World.