Inside E-MRS World - No. 6 - September 23

September 2023



Dear members of the worldwide community of materials researchers — Appreciation to all


One of the major functional responsibilities of a society like E-MRS is to ensure its role as a forum for interaction and communication between members of the community, being the reference, the lighthouse, for the community. In the organization of our meetings, spring and fall as well as other specialized meetings, our society is already offering a framework for scientific and technological encounters like a “Greek Agora” to be the cradle of new ideas and creativity.

However, the evolution of our society, the availability of new instruments in the media, the incessant speed of information exchange, and the possibilities offered by the Internet, are creating the need to strengthen the means of information exchange and to promote the dissemination of news in a more active and continuous way. In this context, the E-MRS promotes new initiatives and instruments to enrich scientific and technological communications and to increase the social impact of our activities.

Therefore, considering, on the one hand, our society’s new statutes and its new structure based on the senate, the scientific council, and the working groups; and, on the other hand, the human capital represented by the members of our society as well as by the symposia organizers of our annual meetings; E-MRS has decided to accept the challenge of launching a digital newsletter as a work tool, as an instrument of communication and dissemination of the activities, actions, and objectives of our E-MRS and a medium for playing our role in society.

It is an honour and a pleasure to present as president, and on behalf of the entire E-MRS, this initiative, that in a modest, humble but firm and sure way is pursuing the idea of becoming an instrument of union and communication among E-MRS members, as well as with other materials and scientific societies and society as a whole.

Let us welcome it and make a proclamation that attracts the collaboration and contributions of senior and more junior scientists alike. This newsletter should be one of our identities that enriches the activities of the E-MRS and its affiliates. Let us make this instrument a fundamental part of our dialogue.

We all wish that this newsletter constitutes a success for the E-MRS and for the community at large — an outcome that will be possible with your collaboration.

With regards,
Joan Ramón Morante

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