MICROTEST is a World class distributor of Nanotechnology Equipment.
Based in the South of France, MICROTEST is providing for over 20 years the best COO tools and toolings, for:
Deposition: ALD, PVD, CVD
Photolithography: Coaters, Developers, Priming, Hot plates and PZT Deposition
WET Processes: Etching, Cleaning, Lift Off
Back End/Assembly/Packaging: Wire bonders, Die Bonders, Pick and Place, Wafer Mounters, Wafer Cleaners, UV Insulators, Film frames, and magazines
Test: Probers with Micro manipulators, Temperature conditioners and Burn-in Chambers
Microtest also supplies ranges of tools, Tweezers, vacuum pen, and consumables
Expert technical support and assistance with a team dedicated to service.