5 Rue de la Verrerie
38120 Fontanil Cornillon
Phone: +33 (0)476 561 617
E-mail: contact@microworld.eu


Installed in Grenoble-France since 1990, Microworld is a High-Tec product distributor for semiconductor and microelectronic production and research.

At E-MRS 2018, Microworld will exhibit an advanced Hall Effect Measurement System with photonic module for measurements-characterization-monitoring semiconductor layers depending several wavelengths (red, blue, green). This system specifically made for universities and research labs who want to measure conductivity, concentration, mobility, Hall coefficient… while varying the temperature range from 77 K up to 777 K.

Available also: 4-point probing (sheet resistivity measurement), optical inspection, analytical probing (probe stations and accessories).

All products can be seen on Microworld website at www.microworld.eu