Founded in 1998, NanoMagnetics Instruments (NMI) has gradually evolved into one of the world’s leading manufacturers of Scanning Probe Microscopes (SPMs) and measurement systems for a variety of fields of science and technology. A dedicated team of innovative scientists and engineers empower us to design, build and supply a range of scientific equipment from compact, easy to use instrumentation to state of-the-art systems for customers in research, manufacturing and education establishments worldwide.

With a team of more than 60 personnel, all our system designing, development, manufacturing, assembly, integration and testing are done in-house. Whether it’s a simple standard off-the shelf unit or a complex customised solution, at NMI, we strive to provide cost-effective solutions to satisfy our customers’ requirements.

Our product portfolio is mainly composed of:

Ambient Scanning Probe Microscopes (SPMs)
Low Temperature Scanning Probe Microscopes SPMs
Controller & Standalone Electronics
Measurement, Characterization & Manipulation Systems
Custom Manufactured Systems & Parts