NEWTEC Scientific

NewTec Scientific is a company that started its activity in February 2012, drawing on the professional experience of three engineers Jacques Cabane, Hervé Nonon and Antoine Candeias.

Each engineer has know-how in complementary fields, their association allows them to meet very specific needs in different markets such as :

  1. Automatization of scanning electrons microscopes (SEM)
  2. The transformation of scientific instruments to carry out analyzes in hostile environments (nuclear, chemical ...)
  3. Electronic, sensors and calibration methods.


NewTec Scientific is manufacturing and selling instrumentation around microscopy (optic & electronic) to qualify materials under thermo-mechanical stress:

  • MT1000 : heating and cooling tensile stage
  • Cathodyne : Cathodoluminescence device for optical and SEM microscopes
  • FurnaSEM : In-situ SEM Furnace up to 1000°C (working under high vacuum, low vacuum and environmental modes)
  • ExoSEM: Ex-Situ chamber to understand sample reaction before SEM analyse


NewTec Scientific

2 route Sommières
Tel : +33 (0)4  66 62 33 04
Fax : +33 (0)4 48 06 04 75