SAES Pure Gas


“SAES Pure Gas, Inc., a member of the SAES Group, is the world leader in gas purification technology. SAES develops ultra-high purity gas-handling equipment, supplying gas purifiers for a wide range of bulk and specialty gas applications. SAES continues to set the standard for the market with its superior impurity capacities and longer purifier lifetimes. In order to meet individual customer requirements and the needs of an increasing technological market, SAES's extensive R&D has resulted in the largest portfolio of gas purifiers available for all gas purification needs. Factory regenerable in-line ambient temperature purifiers are available in a wide range of sizes for purifying gases such as H2, N2, NH3, AsH3, PH3, Ar, Corrosive Gases,  etc. For H2 Purification SAES Pure Gas offers four different technologies depending on which impurities need to be removed: Heated Getter Purifiers, Factory Regenerable in-line purifiers Purifiers, Micro-Channel Palladium Purifiers and Cryogenic. Through our 25 year history we continue to be a flexible supplier offering customized solutions ensuring our customers receive cost effective and efficient gas purification equipment. For more information please contact SAES Pure Gas at or online at