SOL instruments

58 - 10, Nezavisimosti ave.
P.O. Box 235
220005 Minsk

SOL instruments® is a Belarussian innovation - focused developer and manufacturer of technologically advanced instruments for light measuring, elemental analysis and nano­scale microscopy. For two decades we inbreed our knowledge and expertise in spectroscopy, microscopy and lasers and create robust tools for scientific and industrial applications in three core segments: analytic equipment, spectroscopy instruments and laser systems.

SOL instruments Ltd. is an authoritative manufacturer of Raman microscopes, CARS systems, elemental analyzers, monochromators / spectrographs, spectrometers, spectrophotometers, CCD cameras, LPSS and DPSS solid-state lasers, tunable lasers and laser systems.

The trained service engineers are available for your support and service ail over the world.