Strem Chemicals, an employee-owned company, established in 1964, manufactures and markets over 4,500 metals, inorganics, organometallics and nanomaterials for R&D in the pharmaceutical, microelectronics, chemical and petrochemical industries as well as academic and government institutions. We offer patent-free and proprietary homogeneous and heterogeneous catalysts and ligands for organic synthesis, often at kilo-scale, including many for asymmetric transformations. Catalyst, biocatalyst and ligand kits are also available ideal for screening purposes. We also offer metal carbonyls, high purity inorganics, rare earth chemicals, volatile precursors for MOCVD and ALD and electropolished CVD bubblers and cylinders.





Metals, Catalyst & Chiral Catalysts, Ligands & Chiral Ligands, Nano Materials, Precursor for ALD, MOCVD & CVD, Organometallics and Pharmaceutical Intermediates