SURFACE combines more than 20 years of experience in the areas of SPM technologies and Nanoindentation
with the background of UHV system design and laser technology.
SURFACE has established its advanced laser heating technology in the nanoindentation field and offering
this technology also for SEM based metrological treatments. We are designing and building customized
solutions for your advanced metrology needs.
NEW PRODUCT: 1st time SURFACE presents its new sm@rt Nanoindenter, which makes the
precision of the nanoindenter measurement technology possible for a wide range of applications - in addition
to pure materials science. Extreme compact and highly automated enables the modular system to be
adapted to many everyday measuring tasks in mechanical material testing and allows an integration into
industrial quality measurement systems. Intelligent software allows to be used from only trained operators
without fundamental contact mechanique expersise.
In the SURFACE online shop we are offering a wide range of nanoindentation tips for MTS/Keysight or
Hysitron nanoindenter