SURFACE sytems+technology is the leading European supplier of PLD technology, working now since 30 years exclusive in this field.

PLD workstations and Laser MBE systems are always recognized for its high quality and innovative system features.  Laser heater in different versions, insitu fluence control,  laser scanning with adaptive control. Based on long time experiances in large area deposition the Workstationpro system is built to deposit 4",6"or 8” wafer in a SEMI fab and incorporates advanced laser scanning incl. droplet reduction and automated fluence control.  Customized solutions like In-situ PLD systems for synchrotron beam line application and deposition systems with high flexible Glove-Box integration demonstrating the strong customer orientation of SURFACE.

The SURFACE online shop distributes exclusive SURFACE LED-chamber lights, the most innovative way to illuminate UHV an HV chambers. Available for almost all CF window flanges this product provides bright light without any negative side effect, like heat or magnetic fields. It fits 100% to the CF flange system and does not disturb the view through the window.