Suzhou Nanowin Science and Technology Co., Ltd (NANOWIN) founded in Suzhou Industry Park, China in May, 2007, is a high-tech company devoting to fabricate high-quality Gallium Nitride (GaN) substrates and develop the related technologies.

NANOWIN’s key advantage is unrivaled materials expertise owning essential patents in GaN substrates and growth technologies. NANOWIN offers standard and customized free-standing GaN substrates and thick GaN/sapphire templates with extra low dislocation densities which are suitable for applications in high-power LED, blue LD and high-power electronic/electric devices. The main products of NANOWIN are 2-inch GaN/sapphire templates with GaN thickness of 15 to 30 microns, 2-inch free-standing GaN substrates with thickness around 350 microns and Ga face dislocation density within 105cm-2, small square free-standing GaN substrates, non-polar GaN substrates (a/m face), high-crystallinity GaN powder and AlN substrates. All the GaN templates and substrates produced by NANOWIN include three categories: n-type doped, undoped and semi-insulating doped.

Our strategic goal is to become a leading nitride semiconductor material provider and a pioneer in the industry applications of nitride semiconductors.


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