XR nanotech

XRnanotech is an award-winning Swiss startup company, specialized in cutting-edge nanotechnology. More than 10 years of research and development at the world-renown Paul Scherrer Institut in Switzerland led to its incorporation in 2020. XRnanotech’s goal is to bring the newest ground-breaking innovations in nano-lithography processes to the international market and to reach their full potential.

Offering fab services, rapid prototyping, and various products in the micro- and nano-regime, XRnanotech promotes excellence in developing and fabricating the most innovative nano-structures to solve the problems of the high-tech industry and of academic precision-seekers. Over the last two years, the company took an international dimension in selling its products worldwide and receiving excellent customer feedback. The startup is also specialized in nano-optics, reaching unprecedented ultra-high resolution, best image quality and highest radiation stability.