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2020 Fall Meeting



Battery and energy storage devices: from materials to eco-design

For future sustainable economic growth and environment protection, energy generated from renewable sources has to be stored in highly efficient and ecofriendly manner. Therefore, all over the world rechargeable batteries and supercapacitors are in the focal point for the development of efficient electrochemical energy storage systems from macroscale to microscale.


Electrochemical energy storage is a rapidly advancing field building on a continuous stream of innovative ideas. As renewable energy sources become increasingly prevalent the need for high energy-density, high-power storage devices with long cycle lives is greater than ever. The development of suitable materials for these devices begins with a complete understanding of the complex processes that govern energy storage and conversion spanning many orders of magnitude in length and time scales. Furthermore, new battery technologies have to be not only commercially and technically viable, but they should also deliver a lower environmental impact than the current state of the art. Therefore, a major challenge of modern battery technologies is to ensure that newly developed batteries are safe, efficient and follow the highest environmental and social standards at the level of production, use and disposal in a frame of a circular economy.

The focus of this meeting is to bring together all aspects of batteries and alternative electrochemical energy storage devices across the field, from modelling and nanoscale characterization to full-scale battery construction and testing regimes. An interdisciplinary selection of speakers will cover this broad range of topics to develop an overview of the current research and challenges in the battery field in a continuum from materials to eco-design. The intention is to bring together the international community working on the subjects and to enable effective interactions between research and engineering communities. Although a Europe-bound event, participation is invited from all continents. It provides an excellent opportunity for scientists, engineers and manufactures to present recent technical progress and products, to establish new contacts in the appreciated networking events and to exchange scientific and technical information. The symposium will be structured in ten different sections.

Hot topics to be covered by the symposium:

  • lithium-ion cells and post-lithium ion technologies
  • flow-batteries
  • supercapacitors and metal-ion capacitors
  • hybrid battery cells
  • automotive and mobile application requirements
  • stationary battery application requirements
  • advanced manufacturing of batteries
  • raw material supply / value chains
  • recycling in battery storage technologies
  • environmental challenges

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Symposium organizers
Alexey Y. KOPOSOVUniversity of Oslo

Department of Chemistry, Oslo, Norway

Via Salita Santa Lucia Sopra Contesse, 5-98126 Messina, Italy

Karlstraße 11, 76021 Karlsruhe, Germany