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2020 Fall Meeting



Peptide self-assembly in materials science

Peptide self-assembly is being increasingly used in materials science for creation of environmentally friendly, inexpensive and chemically-tunable materials due to their measured strong piezoelectricity (which can in some cases be higher than traditional inorganics), high mechanical strength, and electrochemical activity.


Despite the promise of the self-assembled peptide systems, practical applications have been limited due to the difficulty in obtaining stable, high-performance devices. In this symposium, we will gather world leading academic and industry researchers to discuss and debate the emergent physicochemical, electronic, optical and mechanical properties of peptide assemblies focusing on their understanding and further improvement. We will map the technological potential of their applications in future devices, such as controlling the self-assembly of peptides to design unique nanostructures for biocompatible acoustic transducers, tiny biosensors based on piezoelectric and plasmonic effects, transistors based on electrical properties, energy harvesters, and supercapacitors. We will cover several classes of self-assembling peptides and related molecules including amino acids and small peptide crystals, as well as peptide-derivative materials such as peptides nucleic acids and amino acid-derived metabolites, 1D peptide nanowires and nanotubes, 2D peptide films and sheets, and inorganic-peptide hybrid assemblies, and discuss how multi-scale modelling can aid experiments in the creation of tailor-made functional peptide nanostructures with controlled morphology.

Hot topics to be covered by the symposium:

  • Theranostics – combining nanotechnology and biology for diagnostic and therapeutic goals
  • Drug delivery, nanoreactors, Bio-organic electronics
  • Biofunctionalization and biointegration of bio-materials
  • Interactions between proteins/peptides supramolecular structures and nanomaterials
  • Biohybrid nanostructures

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Symposium organizers
Damien THOMPSONUniversity of Limerick

Bernal Institute, Department of Physics, Limerick, Ireland, V94 T9PX
Kai TAOTel Aviv University

Molecular Microbiology and Biotechnology Department, Life Sciences Faculty, Israel
Marek CIEPLAKPolish Academy of Sciences Institute of Physics

Al. Lotników 32/46, 02-668 Warsaw, Poland