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Nanoelectronic materials and devices


Semiconductor nanostructures towards opto-electronic and photonic device applications – VIII

This symposium is the 8th installment of a highly successful biennial series that began in 2007. It brings together chemists, physicists, materials scientists, and engineers to discuss the latest advancements in semiconductor nanostructures and their application in optoelectronic and photonic devices. It covers both the fundamental nanomaterial building blocks, as well as their structural and spectroscopic characterization, and integration into functional devices.


Semiconductor nanostructures are a prominent class of materials, with a large degree of freedom to design opto-electronic properties through variations in composition, size and dimensionality. They are contributing to the development of disruptive technology, for instance in lighting and displays, photodetectors and solar cells, telecommunications, (quantum) information processing and (quantum) sensing.

In this symposium, we aim to present novel advances in nanomaterials and –structures, at various stages of their development and their application in optoelectronics and photonics. Topics will include synthesis of inorganic nanomaterials of different dimensionality (0D quantum dots, 1D nanowires, 2D nanoplatelets, -sheets and quantum wells, as well as their use in lasers, LEDs, quantum light sources, photodetectors, solar cells and sensors. We provide a forum to gain insight into the different material and interface parameters that play a key role in device functionality, as well as the overall device design and fabrication. To stimulate discussions at both applied and fundamental level, the symposium also addresses their opto-electronic properties and structure-property relations.

Topical sessions on different materials and applications will be organized, where we combine experimental, and computational presentations, in order to provide complementary views and create opportunities of long-lasting scientific interaction between the attendees. Our symposium provides a unique platform for cross-fertilization of different nanomaterials communities, which is a key driving force behind their ultimate success in optoelectronic device applications.

Hot topics to be covered by the symposium:

  • Synthesis of 0D quantum dot, 1D nanowire or 2D nanosheet/quantum well semiconductors by chemical or physical methods.
  • Integration of 2D with 1D materials for novel functionalities
  • Novel material classes such as heavy-metal-free semiconductors, perovskites and 2D layered materials.
  • Spectroscopic and structural characterization of nanostructures using advanced experimental techniques.
  • Opto-electronic properties and photophysics in semiconductor nanostructures and devices.
  • Applications in nano-optoelectronics and -photonics: lasers, LEDs and displays, plasmonics, solar fuels, solar cells, photodetectors, light converters, quantum computing and quantum emitters

List of invited speakers:

  • Mirjana Dimitrievska (EPFL)
  • Arjan Houtepen (TU Delft)
  • Sandrine Ithurria (ESPCI ParisTech)
  • Emmanuel Lhuillier (INSP Sorbonne Université - CNRS) 
  • Victor Klimov (Los Alamos National Laboratory)
  • Gerasimos Konstantatos (ICFO)    
  • Maksym Kovalenko (ETH Zurich)
  • Liberato Manna (Italian Institute of Technology)
  • Marcus Scheele (University Tübingen)
  • Elena Shornikova (TU Dortmund University)
  • Jeff Urban (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory)
  • Ilaria Zardo (University of Basel)
  • Jiatao Zhang (Beijing Institute of Technology)

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