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Biomaterials and soft materials


Bioinspired and biointegrated materials as new frontiers nanomaterials X

This symposium is composed of SPECIAL SESSIONS  contemporary hottest topics from a field a nature inspiration - mimetic single, supramolecular nanomaterials to micromimetic materials with mimetic supramolecular chemistry and which will be smart living building blocks, with LIFE Inspired processes, of smart materials for better Human Life.


Newest science ideas and nanotechnologies for smart nano - materials, - integrated systems, - robotic devices fields which determine developing biomimetic cells and skin, bone tissue engineering, remodeling ones and adaptation to a regeneration of neural systems using created implantable bionic systems. These systems can include molecular systems, bioimmobilized Nanoparticles NPs as nanorobots in vivo applications and designed synthesized supramolecules which are templated by biomolecules (virus, marine plants, proteins, pigments) inorganic NPs for the quantum dots nanosystems, bioinspired composites –Biohybrids- materials ...

The design, engineering of these materials are aimed to obtain the properties which respond to external, biologically compatible stimuli (physical, chemical, biological) and to electronic, photonic, magnetic nanosystems. Next step is transferring from nano to macro materials for regenerative medicine of bones and teeth (stem cells regenerative orthopedic and dental medicine), for example, and  engineering of multifunctional biointerfaces and biotemplating.

The symposium will bring together researchers from chemical, physical sciences and bio - science and – nanotechnology biomaterials for nanomedicine and engineering bio - electronic, - photonic, - magnetic nanosystems to discuss the latest advancements.

Proposed subjects for discussions at this event have actuality for Investigators - Collaborators of the EU COST Actions, as and the EU HORIZON 2020-2025 Projects. A special Young Scientist FORUM - the session for Advanced Researchers (Post-Graduate, PhD and Graduate students’ talks) will be held at the symposium’s second day.

Hot topics to be covered by the symposium:

  1. Designed synthesized single, supramolecular materials and their action in  bio – mimetic material synthesis;
  2. Bioinspired synthesis of inorganic  nanoparticles (NPs), hybrid systems with smart activity;
  3. Design and creation of the 2D and 3D nanocarbon’s smart supramolecular materials and their Biohybrids;
  4. Novel concepts in nano - characterization, bio-recognition of smart and specially bio-hybrid stimuli responsible nanomaterials (biosynthesized, bioimmobilized and biointegrated inorganic nanoparticles, carbon and bioimmobilized carbon supramolecules)with applications for clinical, food, feed and environmental monitoring;
  5. 2D-3D-4D molecular imprinting biological cell structures and biomimetics ones as scaffolds in tissue engineering with specially cell, tissue actuating, manipulation using constructed bionic systems;
  6. Electronic, photonic and magnetic smart functions of  biosupramolecules (nucleic acids, virus, marine plants proteins, pigments) and mimetic analogs: adaptation to human systems functions for biomedical nano – systems, - robotic devices designing, for example, molecular robot - DNA motor “robotic” molecule into living cell; Special – Neuroelectronics;
  7. Biosensing characterization for medical (in vivo and in vitro diagnostics) and environmental biotechnologies (developed 3rd Generation Biosensors on biomolecules, carbon 2D materials, bioelectronic textiles, wears tissues, printed paper electronics, electronic skin);
  8. Biomimetic analogs functions in compare to bionic functions for natural systems (electronic skin, neuroengineering).

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Symposium organizers
Emmanuel STRATAKISInstitute of Electrnic Structure and Laser (IESL)

Foundation of Research and Technology Hellas (FORTH) and University of Crete, Nikolau Plastira 1000, Voutes, Heraklion, Crete

+30 2810 3912 74
Eugenia BUZANEVATaras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv

NASU “Physical and Chemical Material Science Centre”, Volodymyrs'ka Str. 64/13, 01601 Kyiv, Ukraine

+38 044 294 26 22
Insung S. CHOI (Main)The Center for Cell-Encapsulation Research, KAIST

Dep. of Chemistry and Dep. Bio and Brain Engineering - 281, Daejeon 34141, Korea

+82 42 350 2880
Peter SCHARFFTechnical University of llmenau

Institute of Chemistry and Biotechnology, Weimarer Strasse 25, 98693 Ilmenau, Germany

+49 36 77 69 3603(04)
Thomas J. WEBSTER Northeastern University

Department of Chemical Engineering - Center Advanced Materials Research - 313 Snell Engineering Center - Boston, IMA 02115, USA

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