NFFA Europe

Monday May 31 at 13:00

10 min. oral presentation followed by Q/A session


NFFA-Europe Pilot: enhancing European competitiveness in nanoscience research and innovation, a new challenge!

F. Carsughi, Forschungszentrum Jülich, Germany


NFFA-Europe is a distributed research infrastructure providing users with the widest possible range of open-access tools to carry out research at the nanoscale.

The idea to offer researchers the possibility to conduct experiments and modelling at the nanoscale through access to state-of-the-art synthesis, nanofabrication and fine analysis was first conceived in 2008. Thanks to the support of the European Commission, in 2015, NFFA-Europe implemented the first open-access research infrastructure supporting comprehensive projects for multidisciplinary research at the nanoscale, from synthesis to nano-characterization, to theory and numerical simulation.

Building on this successful experience, NFFA-Europe Pilot strengthens the current pan-European consortium of national and international research facilities to offer more integrated access opportunities to experimental and theoretical tools for user research projects in nanoscience and nano-to-micro scale analysis and processes.

A unique, multi-site combination of services, including advanced infrastructures specialized on growth, nano-lithography, nano-characterization, theory and simulation and fine-analysis with Synchrotron, FEL and Neutron radiation sources, will allow European and international researchers from diverse disciplines to carry out advanced projects that will have an impact on science and innovation.

NFFA-Europe Pilot coordinates access to infrastructures on different aspects of nanoscience research that is currently not available at any single site without duplicating specific scopes. Internationally peer-reviewed and approved user projects have access to an enlarged set of instruments, competences and technical support, including large-scale facilities, theory and simulation and high-performance computing facilities.

Access is offered free of charge to European users. Virtual access as well as interactive remote access are available in some facilities. The user access scheme includes at least two “installations” and is coordinated via a single-entry point portal ( that activates an advanced user-infrastructure dialogue to build up a personalized access programme with an increasing return on science and innovation.

Don't miss the opportunity to submit your research project to NFFA-EUROPE Pilot, the first call for proposals will open in June 2021. Visit and stay tuned.