Summer school CO2

Summer school on Carbon dioxide:
a raw material: an intergenerational forum for student and scientists
Saturday, September 19th 2015 (9:00 – 18:00)

Carbon dioxide Management: the raw material of the industrial revolution of the 21st century

Key steps: capture, material synthesis, energy storage




Chairman: Jacques Amouroux, DHC, E-MRS UPMC/ENSCP France

Scientific committee:

  • Urszula Narkiewicz - West Pomeranian university technology, Poland
  • Juan Ramon Morante - IREC, Spain
  • Laurent Bedel, Head of CEOPS - CEA, France
  • Paul Siffert, General Secretary - E-MRS, France

Brief summary:

Carbon dioxide is a key molecule for life and food. Its properties as a raw material open new industrial fields for the great challenge of our century: energy storage from renewable energy sources and a building block for new polymers and synfuel, both contributing to a better control of CO2 emission.

The challenge of the European Commission project CEOPS is to develop new catalysts or electro catalyst. The CEOPS team will present results, industries, and starting way for the race of carbon dioxide recycling.

Representatives of the industry and the academy will be invited to present results, processes and industrial innovations of the field.



        First part: the circular economy of carbon: the challenge of the next 50 years

  1. 9.00-9.30: General introduction
    Rodrigo Ferrao de Paiva Martins, CEMOP / UNINOVA, Portugal
  2. 9.30-10.00: Carbon recovery and circular economy: from research to industrial scale up
    Jacques Amouroux UPMC/ENSCP DHC, E-MRS, France
  3. 10.00-10.30: Carbon dioxide and energy storage of renewable energy sources
    Koji Hashimoto, Institute of Technology / Tohoku University, Japan

    10.30-11.00: Coffee break and posters

  4. 11.00-11.30: Photocatalysis and new materials for hydrogen production
    Juan-Ramon Morante, IREC, Spain
  5. 11.30-12.00: Discussion with the audience
    Questions: Challenges, strategy, prospective, innovations, wellbeing, energy sources, consumption

    12.00-13.30 lunch and posters

    Second part:
    innovations and new materials

  6. 14.00-14.30: Advanced CO2 capture pilot plant at Toron's coal-fired power plant
    Lucyna Wieclaw-Solny, Institute of chemical proessing of coal, Poland
  7. 14.30-15.00: Carbon capture on solid sorbents
    Urszula Narkiewicz, West pomeranian University of Technology, Poland
  8. 15.00-15.30: Waste, coal treatment and carbon dioxide
    Victor Popov, Institute of Electrophysics and Electric power, RSA, Russia
  9. 15.30-16.00: Electrocatalysis for Carbon dioxide recovery
    Laurent Bedel, CEA, France

    Coffee break and posters

  10. 16.30-17.00: Catalysis innovation a key step for Carbon dioxide reduction
    Carlos Manuel Faria de Barros Henriques, IST University, Portugal
  11. 17.00-17.20: Bio-fixation of CO2 emitted from cements plants through micro algal culture: the Italcementi experience
    Piero Negro, Italcementi, Italy
  12. 17:20-17:40: Innovation in China: from laboratory to industrial production of polycarbonates
    Xianhong Wang, Changchun Institute of Applied Chemistry CAS, China
  13. 17:40-18:00: Perspective in catalytic CO2 conversion into valuable products
    Wojciech Gac, Marie-Curie-Sklodowska University, Poland

18:00-18:30: Carbon dioxide a raw material for the future: dream or reality

Forum of discussion and industrial development, Professor Jacques Amouroux

Posters: All participants have the possibility to display posters relative to their work in the concerned field.