Reach.Out! Competition

Take part in the Reach.Out! 2016 Competition! Introduce an advanced materials topic of your choice to the public!

Reach.Out! is a science communication competition that aims to engage the members of the European Materials Science community (students, scientists, engineers, researchers etc) who have designed, organised and implemented a public outreach activity in the EU between May 2015 and the 31st of March 2016.

This outreach activity must be related to Advanced Materials and its main aim must have been to uncover, to the non-specialists, one or more of the following aspects of work within this field: its applications, its impact on the creation of sustainable societies, its impact on the economy, the people behind the scenes, the complexity of the work done, and of course, possible controversies etc.




Entrants must be individuals of 18 years old or more, and members of the European Materials Science community, i.e. currently studying or having studied a relevant subject at University (from undergraduate to doctoral level), or working in the science, technology or engineering of Advanced Materials. Their project may be a result of personal or team work.




Please feel in the application form and send it back to E-MRS Hq. The selection of the winners will be achieved by a judging committee, consisting of distinguished researchers and science communicators.

The finalists will be selected based on the following criteria:

  • Impact: The number of people that the project has reached, its aims and how they were met, its social or economic aspects, the stakeholders’ gain and feedback, etc.
  • Accuracy: The project must be scientifically correct, and must also be relevant to the field of Advanced Materials.
  • Innovation and creativity: The originality, the creativity and the innovation involved in the project will be also evaluated.

Project ideas may include (but not be restricted to) tools like:

  • Popular science articles (printed or digital)
  • Blogging
  • Storytelling
  • Experimental exhibitions and science shows
  • Theatre or stand-up comedy shows
  • Videos or mini documentaries
  • Café scientific talks or presentations
  • Science and Art blending
  • Games (mental or physical skills games, digital or real-life ones)
  • Musical composition or song writing




This competition is organized in the frame of the project Stimulate, which received funding from the European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme under grant agreement No 608995. 

A special prize will be awarded for application which use materials from this project in their project.  Applications for this must be sent by DECEMBER 31st, 2015 to

All applications materials must be sent by April 15, 2016 to nathalie.geyer[at]

The finalists will be announced at the Reach Out! Award Ceremony held during the plenary session, on Wednesday May 4.


Award benefits


According to the jury’s ranking, three prizes will be awarded, accompanied by a diploma.

  1. First Place: 1000 EUR cash prize
  2. Second Place: 700 EUR cash prize
  3. Third Place: 500 EUR cash prize


Reach.Out! 2016 Competition


Prof. Rodrigo Martins, Past President of E-MRS Senate, awarded the following winning activities with their prizes:

1st prize: "Science Slam" represented by Kishan Thodkar from the University of Basel in Switzerland
More information on the activity here
Watch the video here

2nd prize: "" represented by Mehdi Keshavarz Hedayati & Babak Mozooni from the University of Kiel in Germany
More information on the activity here

3rd prize: "NanoTechnology to the School: Students Exploit Materials" represented by Vassilios Binas from the University of Crete, FORTH in Greece
More information on the activity here
Watch the video1 here / Watch the video2 here


Reach.Out! 2015 Competition


After awarding a special prize to Maria Schrammel from Zentrum für Soziale Innovation in Vienna, Austria for the project NanOpinion , Prof. Tsoukalas, Coordinator of the Stimulate project awarded the following winning activities with their prizes:

1st prize: "Children's University at DTU" represented by Anne Hansen from Technical University Denmark
More information on the activity here
Watch the video trailer here

2nd prize: "The Hidden Face of Cultural Heritage" represented by Pilar Ortiz from the University Pablo de Olivade in Spain
More information on the activity here

3rd prize: "PapEl" represented by Diana Gaspar from UNINOVA in Portugal
More information on the activity here


Reach.Out! 2014 Competition


The Award Ceremony of the 1st Reach.Out! competition was held during the plenary session of the EMRS Spring Meeting 2014. The awarded winners were:

1st prize: Anna Laromaine, ICMAB-CSIC, Spain
More information on the activity here

2nd prize: Jonathan De Roo, Ghent University, Belgium
More information on the activity here

3rd prize: Lucia Romano, University of Catania & CNR-IMM, Italy
More information on the activity  here