EU-Korean workshop

3rd European-Korean Workshop on Advanced Materials for Energy

E-MRS Fall Meeting Conference
Warsaw, 22 September 2016 (9:00 - 18:00)
University of Technology - room 123



9:00: Welcome by

E-MRS: Luisa Torsi (E-MRS President), Ian Boyd (International affairs)

MRS-K: Geun Young Yeom (MRS-K President), Hyeongtag Jeon (MRS-K Vice-President)


Session 1:

9:10: Dr. Mihails Kuznezoff, Fraunhofer/IKTS, Germany (Development of Metal Supported Cell for application in Solid Oxide Fuel Cells)

9:35: Prof. Seungwu Han; Seoul National University, (Computational study on two dimensional dichalcogenides for hydrogen production)

10:00: Dr Emilia Fabbri; ETH Zürich, Switzerland (Electrocatalysis)

10:25: Dr. Nianjun Yang; Institute of Materials Engineering, University of Siegen, Germany (Electrocatalysis)


10:50: Break


Session 2:

11:15: Prof. Dong Ha Kim; Ewha Womans University (Reduced Dimensionality Perovskites for Advanced Photovoltaic and LED Devices)

11:40: Dr. Haque Saif; Imperial College London, UK (Perovsike for photovoltaic)

12:05: Prof. Keon Jae Lee; KAIST  (Self-Powered Flexible Energy Source)


12:30 : Lunch


Session 3:

13:50: Dr. Sixto Gimérez; Institure of Advanced Materials, Universitat Jaume I, Castello, Spain  (solar fuel cell)

14:15: Prof. Chinho Park; Yeungnam University (Growth and characterization of SnS thin film absorber for ultra-low cost solar cells)

14:40: Dr. Gilles Dennler; IMRA-Europe (Thermoelectrics)

15:05: Dr. Sung Mook Choi; Korea Institute of Materials Science (Synthesis and characterization of electrocatalysts for electrolysis & fuel cell)


15:30: Break


Session 4:

15:50: Prof. Hyacinthe Randriamahazaka; Univ. Paris Diderot, France (Flexible Organic Battery)

16:15: Prof. Byungha Shin; KAIST (Photoelectrochemical stability of CIGS photocathode with functional overlayers for solar water splitting)

16:40: Prof. Emilio Palomares; ICIQ, Spain, (DSSC and quantum dot)  

17:05: Prof. Woo Kyoung Kim; YeungnamUniversity (Thin-film Cu(InGa)Se2 photovoltaic absorber formation with in-situ MoSe2 pre-formation)

17:30: Prof. Insung Choi; KAIST (Neurons on Nanotopographies)


18:00: Wrap by the organizers


Main organizers: