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Halide perovskites: low dimensions for devices

Halide Perovskites form a class of solid state materials that have recently gained renewed interest from an ever increasing and scientifically broader community of scientists. Since 2012 almost all flavors of structures and properties of Halide Perovskites have become a hot topic. This symposium aims at gathering experts to discuss the most recent advances related to low-dimensional structures (below 3D), from fundamental aspects to issues relevant for industrial sectors.


In the last few months, the range of possible real-life applications, the nature of the nanoscale structures investigated as well as the fundamental issues related to halide perovskites have considerably expanded. The scope of this symposium is to focus on the most recent breakthroughs related to halide perovskites that fall beyond the initial focus of 3D frameworks for photovoltaic applications. The lower dimension halide perovskite structures show increased confinement effects, strong exciton binding energies and unique opportunities to manipulate transport and recombination of charge carriers and ions. From the structural point of view, symposium G will focus on (i) layered perovskites with novel 2D/3D structures that are discovered by analogy with the Ruddlesden-Popper and Dion-Jacobson series of oxide perovskites, (ii) nanostructures such as quantum dots/nanocrystals, nanoplatelets and nanowires, (iii) colloidal nanocrystals, and (iv) low dimensional single crystal structures. From an application standpoint, the scope will extend to, among others, light emission including lasing, photo- and radiation- detectors, catalysis (for instance water splitting), optical modulators and transistors, to name a few. More, the symposium aims at gathering scientists drawn from vastly different backgrounds from those involved in fundamental investigations (excitons, polarons, confinement,…) to scaled printable devices, with skills ranging from empirical modeling and atomic-scale simulations, through synthetic chemistry, up to large-scale devices. Thus, the scope covers topics important for industry while also covering fundamental materials science, physics, chemistry and engineering.

Hot topics to be covered by the symposium:

  • Advances in Perovskite Solar Cells: Low-dimensional compounds (joint session with symposium B)
  • Optoelectronics beyond photovoltaics: FET, LED, detectors, spintronics, etc.
  • Interaction between theory and experiment: Dynamic disorder, lattice anharmonicity, Rashba effect, halide perovskite liquids
  • Natural quantum wells and dots: quantum and dielectric confinement
  • Quasiparticles : excitons, polarons, etc.
  • Perovskite nanocrystals in devices: Synthesis and chemical stability
  • Mechanism of perovskite degradation: From ion-mobility to ferroelectricity
  • Growth techniques for improved Single-Crystal devices
  • Lead-free halide perovskite devices

Confirmed invited speakers:

  • Osman Bakr, KAUST (SA)
  • Maryna Bodnarchuk, ETH-Zürich (CH)
  • Filippo De Angelis, CLHYO, CNR-ISTM (IT)
  • Harald Hillebrecht, Freiburg University (DE)
  • Hemamala Karunadasa, Stanford University (USA)
  • Alexandra Navrotsky, UC Davis (USA)
  • Qingbo Meng - Chinese Academy of Sciences, (CH) (joint session with symposium B)
  • David Mitzi, Duke University (USA)
  • Aditya D. Mohite, Rice University (joint session with symposium B)
  • Richard Schaller, Argon National Laboratory (USA)
  • Henry Snaith, Oxford University (GB) (joint session with symposium B)
  • George Volonakis, Oxford University (GB)

Confirmed scientific committee members:

  • Jacky Even, FOTON (FR)
  • Endre Horvath, EPFL (CH)
  • Maria Antonietta Loi, Gröningen University (NL)
  • Nripan Mathews, NTU (SG)
  • Nicolas Mercier, MOLTEH-Anjou (FR)
  • Paulina Plochoka, LNCMI (FR)
  • James Rondinelli, Northwestern University (USA)
  • Sergei Tretiak, LANL (USA)
  • Patrick Woodward, Ohio University (USA)
  • Kai Zhu, NREL (USA)


An Energy Focus article for ACS Energy Letters will highlight the energy-related developments from around the world discussed at the occasion of the symposium.

Confirmed Sponsors:

GDR HPERO (CNRS-French research think-tank on halide perovskites)

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Symposium organizers
Claudine KATANISCR - Institut des Sciences Chimiques

Campus de Beaulieu, Bât. 10B, Case 1009, F-35042 Rennes, France

Constantinos C. STOUMPOSUniversity of Crete

Department of Materials Science and Technology, Heraklion, Crete, Greece
Samuel STRANKSUniversity of Cambridge

JJ Thomson Avenue, Cambridge CB3 0HE, UK

+44 1223 337288