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Silicon carbide and related materials for energy saving applications

Electronic materials for energy saving are of particular interest to meet the accelerating demand of the worldwide energy consumption. Engineering of the wide band-gap semiconductor silicon carbide plays a key role because it provides excellent physical properties that go beyond the semiconductor silicon.


The symposium has the aim to touch four important topics in the field of the application of SiC in energy saving:

(i) Bulk and epitaxial materials growth and defects: Crystal growth and epitaxy of SiC need elevated temperatures that push the processing apparatus and processing conditions to the limit of current technology. In this context, control of defect density is a key challenge. 

(ii) Processing of SiC electronic devices: SiC device technology offers a number of similarities to the standard semiconductor silicon and, to a certain extent, even allows device fabrication in a shared lab environment. Nevertheless, a number of device building blocks like the metal oxide semiconductor interface or Ohmic contacts still need to be significantly improved in the case of SiC.

(iii) Energy saving systems based on SiC: The real benefit of the wide bandgap SiC for energy applications needs to be demonstrated at a system level, where SiC based device components, in particular, show their advantage in terms of application benefit and reliability over its silicon counterpart.

(iv) Related materials and novel applications: Beside power electronics, SiC exhibits a number of superior applications for energy saving in the electro-optical application field. In addition, SiC may be combined with and could benefit from other novel (semi-)conductor materials like GaN, b-Ga2O3 and graphene.

Hot topics to be covered by the symposium:

  • Bulk growth and epitaxy of SiC
  • Defect characterization and defect engineering in SiC
  • processing
  • device fabrication (diodes, MOSFETs, bipolar switches and others)
  • power electronic systems (e.g. AC-DC, DC-DC converters and others for e-drive, photovoltaics and wind energy)
  • Interfaces of SiC to GaN and Graphene, novel electro-optical applications

List of invited speakers:


Selected papers will be published in the journal "Materials" (MDPI).

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Symposium organizers
Francesco LAVIACNR-IMM sezione di Catania

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Mike JENNINGSUniversity of Warwick

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