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Metal Halide Perovskites for photonic applications: from fundamentals to devices

Metal halide perovskites form a class of soft solid-state semiconductors that have, due to their
extraordinary optoelectronic properties, gained renewed interest over the past decade from an
ever-increasing and diverse community, ranging from world-class renown academic institutions
to industry.

Ten years after their breakthrough in photovoltaics, metal halide perovskites are still the topic of
intense research with an ever-growing scope. Over the years, also their remarkable light emission
properties have become an intense field for research and applications on their own. Therefore,
this symposium aims at providing to materials scientists an interdisciplinary platform to share
state-of-the-art knowledge in the field of all-inorganic and hybrid perovskite bulk, thin film,
colloidal and nanostructured emissive materials.
This symposium aims at bringing together experimentalists and theoreticians who are
investigating various fundamental processes in perovskite nanomaterials, from the synthesis,
surface chemistry and optical characterization to theoretical modelling and light emitting
applications. It provides a forum for discussing the latest scientific discoveries in these exciting
new research areas bridging material science with optoelectronics and quantum technologies.

Topics will cover:

  • Nanocrystal assemblies
  • Weak to strong confinement regimes
  • Quantum and Dielectric confinement
  • optical/NLO/pump-probe/ultrafast/terahertz spectroscopies
  • ultrafast diffraction/ultrafast dynamics
  • Quantum (optical) effects, quantum light sources
  • Many-body physics (Exciton, multi-excitons; fine structure, exciton-phonon; exciton-photon)
  • Weak to strong coupling regimes
  • Perovskites in optical microcavities (polariton condensation, polariton simulator,...)
  • Coherent/Collective phenomena/correlated physics
  • LEDs; optical modulators; optical switches; lasers; Li-Fi; photodetectors (not PV!), sensors ...

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Symposium organizers
Claudine KATANISCR - Institut des Sciences Chimiques

Campus de Beaulieu, Bât. 10B, Case 1009, F-35042 Rennes, France