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Perovskites: From materials science to devices

The Symposium is devoted to presentation of original contributions from a fundamental research of surfaces, interfaces and engineering of perovskite materials to their application and optimization in perovskite solar cells, light emitting diodes, memory devices and beyond. Both theoretical and experimental studies are relevant.


The properties of the devices are very often influenced just by the very small changes in the materials and/or the interfacial properties between the layers that make up a given device. Therefore, it is of high importance to study the material and interface properties in a given device and correlate them with the device characteristics.
The aim of this Symposium is therefore to gather together all researchers involved in the theoretical and/or experimental investigation and development of the perovskite materials and devices, and to provide a discussion forum for them.

For this Symposium we invite papers related to all aspects of the fundamental (chemical composition, crystal structure, morphology, electronic, optical, etc.) properties of the perovskite materials (organic, inorganic or hybrid) and devices (solar cells, LEDs, photoelectrochemical water splitting devices and non-PV applications of hybrid perovskite films).

The topics like new materials for stable and efficient perovskite solar cells, perovskite-inspired materials, application of hybrid perovskites in LED and photoelectrochemical water splitting devices, non-PV applications of hybrid perovskite films, new deposition techniques for industrialization of perovskite solar cells, laboratory- and synchrotron-based characterization of the surface and interface aspects in the perovskite solar cell stacks and other perovskite-based devices, to name a few, will be covered.

Hot topics to be covered:

  • Ex-situ, in-situ and in-operando studies of the perovskite materials and devices
  • Perovskite-inspired materials
  • 2D and 3D perovskites
  • Perovskites in tandem with other materials
  • Development of flexible perovskite-based photovoltaics
  • Modeling of perovskite materials and devices
  • Perovskites for non-photovoltaics (LED, water splitting, memristor devices) applications
  • Small perturbation techniques for photoconversion devices characterization
  • Novel encapsulation techniques for PSCs
  • Stability protocols for optoelectronic devices

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Symposium organizers
Chittaranjan DASKarlsruhe Institute of Technology

Hermann-von-Helmholtz-Platz 1, 76344 Eggenstein-Leopoldshafen, Germany
Malgorzata KOT (SOWINSKA)BTU Cottbus-Senftenberg

Konrad-Zuse-Strasse 1, 03046 Cottbus, Germany