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2023 Fall Meeting



Neutron and synchrotron x-ray methods and applications in engineering materials and processes

Following emerging demands of large-scale facility usages in academia and industry to study engineering materials, this symposium will cover basic concepts of neutron and synchrotron sources, their applications for ex and in situ determinations of structures and properties, and outlooks of their roles to directly impact industry.


Transformation of industrial processes and transportation systems is required for sustainability reasons. Sustainable transformations are anticipated to be based on electrification and hydrogen fuels. Hydrogen and electrified systems however require a new generation of engineering materials, with radically improved properties that are tailored and optimized for specific applications and operating environments.

Synchrotron and neutron facilities are proving to be useful research tools in materials engineering research and development. Research using such facilities provides valuable information about engineering materials – their phases, phase transformations and residual stresses as well as catalytic behaviours – also under in situ and in operando conditions.

This workshop will therefore gather experts in the fields to explore the state-of-art in synchrotron and neutron based research for the understanding, design, development and validation of next generation engineering materials.

Hot topics to be covered:

  • Advances in synchrotron and neutron facilities and industry support services for innovations in materials engineering
  • Synchrotron and neutron diffraction techniques in engineering materials study
  • The research front on materials engineering research, including in situ/ in operando studies

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Symposium organizers
Anatoli POPOVUniversity of Latvia

Institute of Solid State Physics, Kengaraga 8, Riga LV-1063; Latvia

Brinellvägen 23, 10044 Stockholm, Sweden
Luc SALVO Grenoble INP University

46 Av. Félix Viallet, 38031 Grenoble, France
Peter HEDSTRÖMKTH Royal Institute of Technology

Brinellvägen 23, 10044 Stockholm, Sweden
Wei CAOUniversity of Oulu

Nano and Molecular Systems Research Unit, Pentti Kaiteran katu 1, 90570 Oulu, Finland