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Multifunctional advanced composite materials: from idea to market

Composite materials are rapidly becoming materials of choice within many industrial applications, in particular aviation, transport, space, construction and building field, ecology, sport, biomedicine, electronics, energy sector, including renewable energetic, and etc. Nowadays, the biggest challenges coming from the technological transfers for composites growth, the increasing consumption of this materials and numerous innovations to feed the market. Variation of the nature of components, using of nanocomponents and nanoadditives to the materials of matrix and to the reinforcement component, development of new production technologies and new kinds of reinforcements including textiles, fibers, meshes and etc. allow to create multifunctional materials with given unique complex of service characteristics for different applications, including extreme performances. New and unique possibilities are opening due to development of new classes of polymer based binders for so called advanced ultra light weight materials and  composites. Furthermore development of the additive technologies, 3-D printing technologies of composite production also ensure the new areas of applications for the composites with unique complex of service parameters . All these materials will be in the main focus of symposium D activity in 2018 year.


For advanced composites materials based on metal, ceramic, polymer  matrix and reinforced by various particles, fibers, textiles, meshes or modified by nanocomponents of different nature  which are traditionally used in aeronautic, energy sector, automobile, space and transport industry, ecology, machine building, construction sector, biomedicine and electronics  the task of creating materials with given complex of service parameters ensuring their safety and reliability became more and more actual. Production of composite materials with given complex of service parameters together with decreasing of their sizes and costs of their production allow essentially widen their functionalities and find the new ways of their application. Therefore the task of creation of composite materials and complex structures on the basis of them using modern methods and materials for their joining will be the key topic of proposed symposium. Modern methods of modeling for advanced ceramics, composites and complex structures production, micro-and macrostructure and forecasting of the physical and chemical properties allow successfully decide such kind of tasks.   The results of several international projects concerning new methods of production, testing and applications of composite materials reinforced by carbon fibers and carbon structures and metal and ceramic composites for thermal protection system for space applications will be presented at proposed symposium. Special time will be devoted to innovative research, to the questions of technology transfer and international cooperation in the field of advanced ceramic and composite materials.

Hot topics to be covered by the symposium:

  • Fundamental study, modelling of technology processes, structure and properties, including phase equilibrium diagrams for multicomponent systems
  • Production technologies for advanced  composites powders and their properties, including various kinds of nanoadditives and their influence upon service properties of final product
  • Production technologies for composites coatings and their properties, including multilayer coatings and their new regulated functionalities
  • Production technologies for bulk composites and their properties, including novel sintering technologies for complex compounds and structures, 3-D printing technologies
  • Complex ceramic and composite structures for extreme performances with special attention for materials for aviation and space applications
  • Nanoceramic and nanocomposites: peculiarities of their structure and properties
  • Novel techniques for advanced ceramic and composite materials characterization
  • New smart lightweight nano-enabled materials with enhanced functionalities
  • Novel areas of application of advanced ceramic and composites, including space, transport, biomaterials, micro- and nanoelectronic, constructional  ones
  • Results and perspectives of international cooperation in the field of creation of advanced ceramic and composite materials
  • Recycling technologies, life cycle assessments for raw materials and final composites
  • Production of secondary composites for various applications including tribological ones
  • Advanced materials for additive manufacturing

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Symposium organizers
Dmitry G. ESKINBrunel University

Brunel Centre for Advanced Solidification Technology, Kingston Ln, London, Uxbridge UB8 3PH, U.K.
Iryna BILANFrantsevich Institute for Problems of Materials Science of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine

3 Krzhyzhanovsky Str. , Kiev, Ukraine
Mikolaj SZAFRANFaculty of Chemistry Warsaw University of Technology

ul. Noakowskiego 3 00-664 Warsaw Poland

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