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Carbon materials: surface chemistry and biomedical applications III

Carbon materials (nanodiamonds, carbon nanotubes, fullerenes, graphene, and carbon dots) are one of the most fascinating platforms in the field of nanomedicine. For their biomedical applications, surface chemical functionalization of carbon materials plays an important role.


This symposium focuses on surface chemistry and biomedical applications of carbon materials (diamond, nanodiamonds, graphene, carbon nanotube, fullerene, carbon dot, etc.).

Surface chemistry includes surface terminations, sequential reactions, immobilization of biomolecules, genes and drugs, polymer grafting, physical and mechanical properties, simulations, and theory. Special attention will be drawn to the relationship between surface chemical structure and physical properties of carbon materials, and the actual techniques to control the surface chemistry in view of the biomedical applications. The structural characterization by spectroscopies and other means is also one of the important subjects in this symposium.

Another subject of this symposium is the biochemical and medicinal applications of carbon materials. Special attention will be focused on their in vitro, ex vivo, and in vivo aspects from diagnosis to therapy. Ongoing activity on clinical translation of the nanocarbon materials will also be within a focus of the symposium. The diagnostic research includes carbon material-based biosensors, and biomolecular, cellular and in vivo imaging. The imaging modalities are fluorescence, ultrasound, magnetic resonance (MR), computed tomography (CT), and positron emission tomography (PET). Toxicology of carbon materials and surface-modified ones is also dealt with in this symposium. From the therapeutic aspect, drug delivery system, and photodynamic and photothermal therapy will be discussed especially in the cancer therapy. We believe that this symposium provides good opportunity to exchange information about how to design the carbon-based agent in terms of dispersibility in a physiological environment, targeting specificity, stealth effect to prolong circulation, and controlled release of the drug and gene, and how to construct the agent through surface chemical functionalization of carbon materials.

Hot topics to be covered by the symposium:

  • Solution-processed chemistry of carbon materials
  • Surface terminations of nanocarbons
  • Theory and simulation in surface chemistry of nanocarbons
  • Surface modification of carbon materials
  • Carbon nanomaterials for bioimaging
  • Hybridized carbon materials
  • Surface characterization of nanocarbons
  • Electro- and bio-chemical applications of carbon materials
  • Adsorption of biomolecules to carbon surface
  • Medicinal applications of nanocarbons
  • Carbon material-based sensors
  • Toxicology of carbon materials

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