STEELPV Workshop



Date: 19/09/2017

Duration: 2 Hours



By 2020, several European Directives promoting renewable sources to produce 20% of the EU energy consumption and to reach a nearly Zero Energy Buildings have to be fulfilled. Steel products are currently competing with other construction materials such as glass, ceramic, plastic, or other metals to be used as substrates for photovoltaic devices. To date, only high cost solar grade stainless steel has been industrially used as direct flexible substrate for photovoltaic applications, offering a great possibility for steel value added products expansion. In fact, these new solutions could be integrated for the building envelope (façades and roofs) of both new and retrofitted buildings, to any kinds of use (residential, industrial), encompassing practically the whole building market. Finally, other sectors such as road infrastructures and transports could take advantages of these developments.

The European STEELPV project main objective (RFSR-CT-2014-00014), belonging to the Research Fund for Coal and Steel Programme, is to make compatible low cost steel as direct substrates for thin film photovoltaic devices, through the development of ad-doc intermediate layers using non-vacuum and vacuum strategies. At the end of the STEELPV project, a portfolio of value added steel products will be ready, enabling steel partners direct access to the photovoltaic industry. Sectors such as building envelopes for new and existing buildings, road infrastructures and transport will take benefit of the STEELPV developments.



Main topic covered in this workshop will be the use of steel for novel BIPV concepts.




Welcome and presentation of the workshop (ITMA)

Dr. D. Gómez, ITMA Materials Technology, Spain


Short introduction to STEELPV

Dr. P. Sanchez, ITMA Materials Technology, Spain


Preparation of metallic substrates for BIPV

Dr. Y. Lan, MK Metallfolien GmbH, Germany


Development of intermediate layers for based on vacuum strategies

Dr. A. Belluci, CSM, Italy


Development of intermediate layers for based on SiOx sol-gel

Dr. P. Sanchez, ITMA Materials Technology, Spain


Coating/printing techniques on steel substrates

Prof. D.T. Gethin, University of Swansea, UK


Applying OPVs/PSCs directly to steel

Dr. J. Kettle, University of Bangor, UK


  The research leading to these results has received funding from the European Union’s Research Fund for Coal and Steel (RFCS) research programme under grant agreement nº RFSR-CT-2014-00014


Workshop contact persons: