5th EU-Korea Bilateral Workshop on Materials for Energy Applications

May 30, 2019
Room Gallieni 12 - level 2

The Korea-Europe (EU) relationship has developed rapidly in the past decade, expanding from an almost exclusive focus on trade issues to a much broader spectrum of activities both on the bilateral and global fronts. To further facilitate networking and collaborations between materials researchers in Korea and EU, the1stEU-Korea Workshop on Advanced Functional Materials was organized by E-MRS during the 2015 E-MRS Spring Meeting in Lille, France.

The 2ndKorea-EU Workshop on Advanced Functional Materials was organized by MRS-K during IUMRS-ICAM 2015 which was held on 25th Oct 2015 in Jeju, Korea. The 3rdEU-Korea Workshop on Advanced Materials for Energy was jointly organized by E-MRS and MRS-K during the 2016 E-MRS Fall Meeting in Warsaw, Poland. The 4thKorea-EU Workshop on Advanced Functional Materials was organized by MRS-K during ICAE 2017 and held on 24th Nov 2017 in Jeju, Korea.

We are now planning to hold the 5th Joint Workshop on 30th May 2019 during the 2019 E-MRS Spring Meeting in Nice, France.

We are seeking for scientific contributions to this EU-Korea workshop. We invite you to be a part of this bilateral workshop. To fit with the spirit of the event, it is recommended that the papers presented are collaborative works between partners (academia, industries) from Korea and EU or works that will be good topics for future collaborations. The workshop concerns any topics of Energy research.

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5th EU- Korea Bilateral Workshop Organizing Committee:

   EU    South Korea
   George Kiriakidis (President of E-MRS)   

   Jeon-Kook Lee (President of MRS-K)  

   Abdelilah Slaoui (E-MRS)
   CNRS-Univ Strasbourg (FR)

   Woo-Gwang Jung (MRS-K)
   Kookmin Univ.

   Hyacinthe Randriamahazaka
   Univ. Paris-Diderot (FR)

   Donghwan Kim (MRS-K)
   Korea Uni.

   Ian Boyd (E-MRS)
   Univ Brunel, UK

   Byungha Shin (MRS-K)